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Fuoritempo (Arte Orafa) is the official retailer for Ennebi, a company which designs and creates watches and instruments for professional users, collectors and appreciators, based on the experience Alessandro Bettarini and Luciano Nincheri built up in the field of watch-making, micro-mechanics and underwater technologies.

Production includes diving watches, waterproof watches for extreme climates (high and low temperatures), watch mechanisms and underwater magnetic wrist and dashboard compasses.

Ennebi (in an experimental version as well) makes instruments and devices answering specific customer needs, both modifying normally produced instruments and designing new ones.

Each instrument has been designed, developed and made entirely in Italy, mainly using Italian components.

e componenti italiani.

Ennebi's history

In 2004 Alessandro Bettarini and Luciano Nincheri decided to establish the Ennebi company. The objective of the company was to design and craft wrist watches for enthusiasts using the latest technology while keeping to the traditions of Italian watch making.

Bettarini in ’65 worked with his father and Signor Nincheri in the father’s workshop. They produced equipment such as naval radar antennae, gas turbine sections and scientific instrument parts both for the national research center and for the Ministry of Defense. They also were the external production company for Officine Panerai which at the time was no longer making watches.

Around 1980, Bettarini was hired by Officine Panerai where he became head of the artistic and mechanical design department. Here he acquired experience in relation to the instrumentation and various models of watches produced in the past by Officine Panerai for the military units, both Italian and foreign.

In 2005, Bettarini left Officine Panerai and with his partner, Nincheri, came to an agreement with F.lli Elmi who owned a small industrial company of high-tech mechanical machinery. Together they began producing ENNEBI instruments, creating them in the cleanrooms of the F.lli Elmi factory.


The first products were:

– MICTOFO, a watch designed according to the technical specifications of the special unit of the Italian Navy;

– FIR and VI NATIONS, watches made by special request from the Italian Rugby Federation;

– BUFO, a woman’s watch with special design and electronic movements

– NAUCRATES PRO, navigational wristwatch for individual divers